Flash, no longer saviour of the universe

As a creative designer I always loved illustrating and animating using Adobe Flash, and there is nothing else out there like it. The development of HTML5 meant that Flash would no longer be required to play music and video, but when Apple decided not to support it on the iPhone or iPad it became likely that Flash might die out all together (as a side note, it infuriated me when Apple advertised the iPad as the best way to browse the web, as the iPad didn’t display Flash files, which at the time of writing are still an integral part of the web!) Abobe have now dropped development of the Flash plugin for all mobile devices, a decision which surely spells the death knell of Flash online. Although HTML5 is now universally supported on major mobile devices, as a Flash illustrator and animator I know the web will never quite be the same without a touch of Flash. At this point Gordon’s all but dead.

Free blank glossy icons

Some time back icon sets covering music, communications and the home were uploaded that made use of a hovering circular button, with a high gloss interior and a thin metallic surround. The set below features the blank backgrounds for these icons and they can be downloaded for free and adapted to your own design requirements. Just create your own symbols, drop them on top and you have your own professional icons in a range of 8 colours!

To use any of these free blank icons simply right click on the icon set and select “Save image as…” from the on screen menu and the high quality image will download to your computer. These are royalty free icons and there is no need to obtain a license or provide a link to the Scottish Borders Website Design blog or site.

Edward Campbell website design

Edward Campbell website design

Edward Campbell, Hawick
I’ve mentioned before in other blog posts the necessity to step into the shoes of a client in order to produce a truly effective and targeted website design. The new Edward Campbell website design not only required stepping into some rather unorthodox shoes, it was a journey into a magical and surreal world that was utterly unique.

Edward is a highly imaginative surrealist painter, musician and children’s author; not to mention a free spirit with boundless creativity. The design brief was uncertain at first, but after seeing his work and discussing different ideas, it became apparent that a digital interpretation of his paintings should be the basis for the site design. The project started with the development of a new logo (which features an illustrated version of his famous “Umbrella man”) and the site design was totally inspired by his surreal paintings. The majority of the site pages feature the logo hovering in front of a bright full moon and a star studded sky, and towards the foot of the page mist enshrouded trees and toadstools. The music page is the exception and the logo hovers in front of the sun on a bright blue day, and the misty trees and toadstools are replaced by bright sunflowers.

With a site such as this it’s possible to create little design elements that really add a personal touch. When browsing the site watch out for a postcard highlighting the newsletter sign up (the stamp is actually a painting by Edward and the “Par avion” sticker is based on his flying “Umbrella man”). Scottish Borders Website Design also illustrated a book to allow site visitors to browse through some of the pages from “The Umbrella Man and the Magic Feather” and on the music page you can listen to samples before purchasing tracks on iTunes or AmazonMP3.

Edwards comments: “Its been great to work with you to and thank you for all your work, the finished site really is a marvel.”

Maritime Response Service logo design

Maritime Response Service logo design

Maritime Response Service, London
Sometimes when Scottish Borders Website Design is requested to design a new logo, instead of  starting from a blank canvas the client will already have a very strong idea in mind (or in this case, an actual sketch). Starting with the client’s sketch we were able to evolve the idea into a crisp, concise and clear identity and provide MRS with a new logo. Onto the website design next!