Free blank 3D thought bubble icon set

I was going through some old archive design files the other day and came across some icon sets that I’d completely forgotten about. A while back a client asked me to provide them with a range of bright multicoloured thought bubbles for a Flash website, so I illustrated the following icons for them.  You could add your own symbols on top of these thought bubbles and use them as icons on your own website or design if you wish. Check out the free download category for more free icons too.

Download this free blank 3D thought bubble iconset (multicoloured)

Download this free blank 3D thought bubble icon set
To use any of these free blank 3D thought bubble icons simply right click on the icon set and select “Save image as…” from the on screen menu and the high quality image will download to your computer. This is a royalty free icon set, free to download, and there is no need to obtain a license or refer to the Scottish Borders Website Design blog or website. Enjoy!



The bulk of the credit for this photo has to go to Imogen Cloët, an award winning designer and visual artist based in Newcastle. The art installation featured within Cragside House – the former home of Lord Armstrong, a Victorian inventor, innovator and landscape genius – which is now managed by the National Trust. It was photographed by pretty much everyone who passed by, but taking a good photo of a room filled with light bulbs, windows and tourists proved a little tricky. Thanks to careful balancing and the adjustable screen on the back of the camera, I managed to take a photo from directly underneath the light bulbs with the metal mounting plate and Victorian wood panel ceiling in the background. A lot of my textural and black and white photos feature unusual subjects, but I never thought that a room full of incandescent light bulbs powered by Victorian hydropower would be something that I’d ever photograph.