Rosie Sugden blog design

Rosie Sugden blog design

Rosie Sugden, Edinburgh
I read an article recently that stated that internet users are now sending over 200 million emails, making nearly two and half million Facebook posts and uploading 72 hours of YouTube videos every minute. An entire years worth of video is uploaded to YouTube every day. Factor in the Google Panda update (which demands original and fascinating content from websites), and it’s not surprising that more website owners want to be able to expand their content more easily, not to mention wanting to try alternative ways to reach potential new customers.

Full on content management isn’t for everyone. Nor is social media marketing. However, an integrated blog, or a blog set up alongside an existing website, is often a very useful way to allow website owners to become more involved in content marketing.

I designed Rosie’s logo and website back in 2011 in order to allow her to start promoting her new Scottish cashmere fashion label. Following some recent conversations about the changing landscape of online search, she asked me to set up and style a blog to sit alongside her existing shop. Her website (shown below) was to be updated with some stylistic changes, and the blog (above) was set up to allow her to expand upon website content and showcase behind the scenes photos, news and stories relating to her business.

Rosie’s feedback? “I really love it, I am so pleased with it. Thanks so much!”

Rosie Sugden website update

GardenLife Log Cabins website design

GardenLife Log Cabins website design

Garden Life Log Cabins, Edinburgh
The new GardenLife Log Cabins website launched this morning, right on time for the opening of the Ideal Home Show in London. Scottish Borders Website Design worked very hard with GardenLife to develop a fresh new brand to help represent them in the UK. The site allows visitors to browse and purchase a huge range of high quality log cabins, summerhouses and other timber buildings. In addition to shopping online, a blog, Twitter account and Facebook page have been set up and Scottish Borders Website Design will be supporting the site with ongoing search engine optimisation and marketing.

Logos from the archives

CyberAuto logo design

CyberAuto, Greenlaw
Bold futuristic logo design for a vehicle sales website based in Greenlaw that never got off the ground. logo design, London
A trustworthy and friendly logo for an international hotel website in London (no longer online unfortunately).

Life Quote logo design

Life Quote, Edinburgh
Clean professional logo design for an old life insurance client in Edinburgh.

Loan Saver logo design

Loan Saver, Edinburgh
A crisp positive logo for another life insurance client in Edinburgh.

Mortgage Saver logo design

Mortgage Saver, Edinburgh
A warm friendly logo design with a nicely detailed icon for a mortgage company that Scottish Borders Website Design did some work for in Edinburgh.

Best Finance Leads logo design

Best Finance Leads, Edinburgh
A clean corporate logo for an Edinburgh based finance company that is no longer around.

Smarter Shop logo design

Smarter Money, Edinburgh
A bright bold logo for a price comparison website based in Edinburgh (it didn’t quite make it to launch).