Exclusively Scottish website design

Exclusively Scottish website design

Exclusively Scottish, Gordon
When Exclusively Scottish approached Scottish Borders Website Design they already had a website promoting their fieldsports agency, but they needed some advice and guidance with regards online marketing, as well as getting the most out of the different aspects of the business.

Although a lot of the project requirements revolved around a more organised and optimised online presence (that would help direct traffic, leads and sales more effectively), quite a bit of creative design work was required to clarify the different aspects of the business.

Some of the content was thinned out from the existing fieldsports agency site. Scottish Borders Website Design then set up and branded a new blog to help promote news that related to all aspects of the business:

Exclusively Scottish Fieldsports Blog

In addition to the promotional blog, Scottish Borders Website Design set up and branded a separate online shop to help promote and sell the wide range of luxury tweed products that Exclusively Scottish sell:

Exclusively Scottish Online Shop

Lastly, a new holding page was designed (featured at the top of the post) to help direct users to the most relevant website or service. All the websites within the Exclusively Scottish group now have a consistent style, a specific purpose and tailored optimisation. Each site serves a different purpose, but it also effectively promotes all other related services, products and news in a professional, uniform manner.

Feedback from the client: “Thanks for everything – site and shop look great!”