Flash, no longer saviour of the universe

As a creative designer I always loved illustrating and animating using Adobe Flash, and there is nothing else out there like it. The development of HTML5 meant that Flash would no longer be required to play music and video, but when Apple decided not to support it on the iPhone or iPad it became likely that Flash might die out all together (as a side note, it infuriated me when Apple advertised the iPad as the best way to browse the web, as the iPad didn’t display Flash files, which at the time of writing are still an integral part of the web!) Abobe have now dropped development of the Flash plugin for all mobile devices, a decision which surely spells the death knell of Flash online. Although HTML5 is now universally supported on major mobile devices, as a Flash illustrator and animator I know the web will never quite be the same without a touch of Flash. At this point Gordon’s all but dead.

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