Fusiliers Museum of Northumberland website design

Fusiliers Museum of Northumberland, Alnwick
Designing the logo for the Fusilers Museum of Northumberland was a real privilege; so it is especially rewarding to be able to advise that the new website¬† launched today. The colour scheme, style, design and graphical elements were all very much inspired by visits to the museum, the tradition of the regiment and wealth of history that is on display in the Abbot’s Tower at Alnwick Castle.

To raise curiosity and to encourage a visit to the museum, the site design makes use of several randomised elements; each page loading a range of exhibits, photos, facts and snippets of information. As a charity, the museum needs financial aid to operate, so it was important to promote the need for support too. After photographing the displays and items at the museum (a lot of which were very personal and told their own unique story of war), one piece really stood out; a food tin that an ingenious soldier had turned into a mug. This item features on every page of the site, along side a request for support and a donation; a simple thing on it’s own, but compelling nonetheless.

And the feedback from the client: “Wow! Very pleased indeed with the concept. I think it’s excellent. The design and imagery are tremendous.”