Fun with Photoshop – The Persistence of #Bentgate

The Persistence of Bentgate

The Persistence of #Bentgate
The iPhone 6 was recently launched with the usual level of hysteria and over reporting (with the BBC dedicating nine separate website articles to Apple products in just one day), but subsequent reports have shown that it seems to be prone to bending if left in the users pocket when they sit down.

This was the queue for BBC reporter Marc Cieslak to carry out one of the most unscientific experiments I’ve ever witnessed – the “sitting down test“. He firmly and unscientifically concluded that the iPhone 6 doesn’t bend, but #bentgate continues, and as usual Apple have stalled with a response (as is often the case when unexpected problems are discovered with their new products).

Thinking of the surrealist artist Salvador Dali, who I studied during A’Level art countless years ago, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to have some fun with Photoshop and output my version of The Persistence of Memory (or in this case, The Persistence of #Bentgate).

Tech commentators are divided when it comes to whether Apple should respond to claims that the phone can bend if it’s left in a pocket when someone sits down.

My source within Apple has stated that a fix will be available shortly, and that Apple will soon unveil an optional Titanium iPhone 6 Pocket Liner, designed to be installed in any standard load-bearing trouser pocket. The optional Titanium iPhone 6 Pocket Liner will be available for just £399 (or £499 with 12 months support).