Time to think of a new password strategy

We all know how annoying and frustrating it can be having to come up with a unique password for each of the many online website accounts we have. It’s quite convenient to use the same password, but recent website hacks have shown that this practice could compromise all that personal data and digital information we’re trying to keep locked away. A recent article revealed that the average web user has something like 25 online accounts but only 6.5 passwords. That may be handy when it comes to logging in (or reducing the time it takes to get into an account when you happen to forget the password) but if one of your accounts is hacked it means it’s very easy for the hackers to then access all your other online accounts. With the power of even an average CPU to play with, a hacker can run a script to test billions of password combinations in just seconds. If a hacker gets into one account then it’s really not difficult to try other accounts using the same password, or to run a script to guess at them. It may be a pain in the hyppocampus to have a different password for every website account, but if you want to secure your personal data, I recommend starting on the cod liver oil to help improve your memory.