Frozen fields

I went for a walk along the old abandoned Duns to Greenlaw railway line yesterday. As a result of all the recent rain, a huge swath of this field was underwater. The cold nights had frozen the flood waters a peculiar milky white colour, and in the bright full sun of the early morning the distant ridge eerily looked like a misplaced sand dune.

Logos from the archives

CyberAuto logo design

CyberAuto, Greenlaw
Bold futuristic logo design for a vehicle sales website based in Greenlaw that never got off the ground. logo design, London
A trustworthy and friendly logo for an international hotel website in London (no longer online unfortunately).

Life Quote logo design

Life Quote, Edinburgh
Clean professional logo design for an old life insurance client in Edinburgh.

Loan Saver logo design

Loan Saver, Edinburgh
A crisp positive logo for another life insurance client in Edinburgh.

Mortgage Saver logo design

Mortgage Saver, Edinburgh
A warm friendly logo design with a nicely detailed icon for a mortgage company that Scottish Borders Website Design did some work for in Edinburgh.

Best Finance Leads logo design

Best Finance Leads, Edinburgh
A clean corporate logo for an Edinburgh based finance company that is no longer around.

Smarter Shop logo design

Smarter Money, Edinburgh
A bright bold logo for a price comparison website based in Edinburgh (it didn’t quite make it to launch).